RiverPark Office - Sustainable Workplace Development

A projektről

The operator of RiverPark office is one of today’s many who has the urge to find sustainable rebuilding possibilities. They hired our team to create the Energetic Certificate on the current condition of the building. That required us to run dynamic simulation in order to provide accurate comparison between current energetic solutions and possible sustainable development.


Our Client during a renovation process had the urge to make their offices for rent more attractive to companies that strive for sustainable operation. This gives the operator the opportunity to increase rents while providing lower operating costs for tenants.


Precise 3D dynamic simulation requires broad knowledge on the object, we had to collect hundreds of data on size, operation, machines etc. In this project dealing with a complex structure, we had to focus on every small details, such as user behaviour. Due to the roof type we could not use the common solar panel supporting system, which urged us to think further.


We provided three possible development methods for our Customer, each we comprehensively examined in order to help decision making by scientific measurements and conclusions. The three methods: smart heating, heat pump system, solar system. Application of a heat pump system will not provide savings, so we only recommend it in case of full heating system reconstruction. With a smart heating system there can be savings realised, but the most effective solution is the solar system installation, by numbers around 3 million HUF can be saved annually. Additional recommendations: flexible MiaSolle solar Panels, heat pump hot water storage instead of electric boiler, energy efficient air filters, elevator suitable for energy recovery.