Shopping Mall in Martin, Slovakia

The Wattmanager team elaborated the project for sustainable development of Tulip Center shopping facility. The aim of the work was reduction of energy uses, transforming electricity design of the building to Low or Zero Carbon energy supply system, which is the core value of sustainable energy efficiency. During the implementation of the project, the team studied the characteristics of the building and location, a site survey was conducted. The analysis revealed a good capacity of the building for the transition to renewable energy sources, extracted by solar panels. As a result, a 3D model of the building with shadow analysis was carried out. The alternative options for panels fitting was developed for the roof as well as for terrace. Final solar PV system energy yield calculation was performed for the defined most efficient installation plan. After detailed assessment, the East-West orientation was chosen for the roof area and bifacial modules for the terrace. The following modernisation will lead the building to self-sufficiency of consumed energy, and as a result, will affect in decreasing carbon footprint and maintaining costs.

Shopping Mall - Shading Shopping Mall - Layout Shopping Mall - Plan