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Managing the future

One of our key areas is technical-engineering preparation of complex building energy and solar power projects; and preparation of energy and decarbonisation strategies at the municipal and regional levels. We also deal with energy auditing, certification and technical preparation of energy tenders.

Botond MóczárBotond Móczár
Energy consultant trainee
András BánfalviAndrás Bánfalvi
Energy consultant
Eszter KomoróczkiEszter Komoróczki
Energy engineer trainee
Joao KamradtJoao Kamradt
3D simulator
Judit SzuromiJudit Szuromi
Architect, building energy expert, energy auditor
Kornél ToppKornél Topp
Energy consultant
Luca PappLuca Papp
Sales manager
Márton HavasMárton Havas
Senior consultant
Norbert ZalaiNorbert Zalai
Energy engineer
Patrícia S. GansPatrícia S. Gans
Energy consultant
Zalán Tas ZsiborásZalán Tas Zsiborás
Junior energy engineer
Péter KovácsPéter Kovács
Software deveoper, physicist
Tóth VirágTóth Virág
Zoltán BaranyákZoltán Baranyák
Senior energy engineer

Our Team

Wattmanager Kft. was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing customers with thorough and precise studies and evaluations to aid conscious and cost-effective decisions in the field of energy/environmental sustainability.

To acheive this our youthful team and experienced management always keep their knowledge up-to-date and use a wide range of cutting edge tools to help you to accomplish your goals.

Our main activity is energy consulting with the focus on renewables.


Wattmanager Kft.

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