Duna-Asphalt (5 sites)

Wattmanager Team made a technical feasibility study for a few sites of Duna-Asphalt Ltd, titled ‘Preparation of Accession Plan for Small Plants’. Solar simulations were made for 5 sites: Szentes, Tiszakécske, Orosháza, Békéscsaba, Szeged.

Wattmanager Team made the appropriate site survey at every location. They took into consideration different alternative options: South and East-West orientation systems, with and without bifacial solar panels, and also calculated the frame size and the number of solar panels.

Solar panel's layout - South Solar panel's layout - East-West

After the site survey, the Team investigated the network connection possibilities (based on National Utilities official data) taking into account existing design regulations (also with the help of National Utilities official data) and noticed technical risks (frame problems, soil mechanics questions). Besides that they also made an environmental assessment, where they checked the inland water level and risk, and fire protection aspects of the given site.