Hungary and Slovakia - Solar Feasibility Study

Project Summary

A commercial and industrial property developer commissioned Wattmanager to test the feasibility of solar generation across four sites and 11 buildings in Hungary and Slovakia. The buildings included shopping centres, office buildings and factories. Further to feasibility, we undertook the design and procurement of the selected contractor. This involved a complex tender process with tender documentation, interviews and guiding contract negotiations between the preferred bidder and the property developer. The estimated payback for each project varies between 6-10 years.


The property developer recognized that with increasing wholesale property prices, the commercial viability of solar is becoming stronger. Furthermore, the properties operated by the developer could be considered innovative and sustainable which present a premium rental opportunity for the tenants.


Different business cultures presented some challenging circumstances in this project. Wattmanager had to operate with acute detail to client needs, particularly during the contract negotiations phase.


The Solution is 2.5 MWp solar system applied on each building.