Postal Palace - Supporting BREEAM Compliance

Project Summary

The Postal Palace, built in 1924 which included the first Hungarian elevator, was first restored after World War II. Now, the owners of the building wish to attain BREEAM accreditation which was the basis for engaging Wattmanager. We were engaged to evaluate the existing design and sustainability interventions to ensure the building achieves its BREEAM certification.


During the planning phase of the renovation, a comprehensive knowledge and examination of the selected and possible architectural and mechanical solutions, as well as the consideration of sustainability aspects were required at the same time. These needs were in line with the competencies of our team, so we were able to make additional proposals regarding the architectural and mechanical renovation elements, which also met the BREEAM criteria and cost efficiency.


BREEAM compliance requires high adaptability, attentive research and understanding of assessment. Our team took multiple issues into consideration while reviewing the plans.


According to our research and measurements, the PV system is BREEAM compliant with 45 pieces of 330 Wp South-East oriented panels. We made a recommendation on the purchase of MiaSolé flexible product.

We also added some points to consider, such as applying submeters on heat pumps in order to more precise monitoring of energy consumption.

We also found points which are not BREEAM compliant such as the usage of R410A refrigerant. We recommend a better option: R32.

Solar Panel Orientation 1
Solar Panel Orientation 1

Solar Panel Orientation 2
Solar Panel Orientation 2