Shopping Center in Budaors, Hungary

The Wattmanager team provided environmental assessment of the Shopping Center in Budaors. The project sought to develop the modernisation plan of the building for transforming it to investment attractive passive object.

The passive building does not consume the energy from the central network, while the energy generated by the facilities on site or near site.

The team evaluated the characteristics of the building, determined the main consumption elements and estimated assumed energy demand. The work included an assessment of the roof of the building and a thorough inspection with the further calculations of shadow impact. As a result, the most favorable sites for installation of solar panels were identified.

Budaors Shopping Center - Shading

The realistic 3D model with the simulation was designed and final energy output, which corresponds to the energy demand was achieved. The team provided the technical feasibility study by taking into account all possible risks.

Budaors Shopping Center - 1st building layout Budaors Shopping Center - 2nd building layout