Shopping Center in Bratislava, Slovakia

Improving the environmental situation in the world, reducing the harmful effects of humanity on the environment - the primary task of our company.

Irrational use of energy that is produced by thermal power plants are components that leads to environmental pollution and depletion of resources. Shop windows and advertising boards are lit 24 hours a day, a huge amount of energy is consumed for all composite lighting. Our team develops the campaign for maintaining the functional operations of the buildings with the reduction harmful impact to the environment.

The goal was achieved for the Shopping Center in Bratislava.

The team performed the site survey, designed the 3D model and calculated the shadow effect based on real meteorological data and features of the building. Various options of solar panels layouts was developed, with a change in model type, angle and orientation.

During the analysis, the experts calculated solar PV system energy yield, determined the efficiency of each component and provided a report including the expected results of the investments. All relevant standards, utilities design regulations were considered for connection of the system to the network with the assessment of all relevant risks.