Energy audit

Full package energy efficiency action plan for local governments and communities

Legal obligation to prepare EEAP (every 4 years) and annual review

It is a document that complies with the law, or goes beyond it in many respects, that is easy-to-use in everyday municipal work.

Full package energy efficiency action plan for local governments and communities

Energy audit

About the policy

Energy Efficiency Act obligates public institutions to make an Energy Efficiency Action Plan every 5 years. The Act LVII of 2015 was supplemented by a new article which regulates energy efficiency related tasks connected to buildings owned or used by public institutions. The leader of the organization responsible for operating and maintaining the public institution building is obligated to make an Energy Efficiency Action Plan every 5 years, and also to take care of raising energy efficiency awareness of workers using the given building. The main goal of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan is optimizing energy usage in public institutions. Public institutions need to measure the current state of the buildings and specify the planned energy efficiency developments, their scheduling and the achievable energy savings based on the former. In the first place there is a need to explore low-investment developments or possibilities which do not require investment. Leaders need to send the Energy Efficiency Action Plans to the territorially competent office of the National Energy Network every 5 years, the first until the 31st of March 2017. They also need to send a report about implementing the Action Plan until the 31st of March every year to the same addressee. The territorially competent energy expert of the National Energy Network gives help to implement the Energy Efficiency Action Plan. Energy efficiency awareness of workers can be raised by certain methodology, which enumerates the required viewpoints to specify the actions needed, as well as gives a reference to specify goals, methods, actions and summarize them in an Action Plan. Methodology is available on the website of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority.

About our services

Our main goal - beyond compliance with the law - is providing a service for public institutions which creates real added value. This value can manifest itself in energy savings or in environmental responsibility. We have hundreds of buildings of experience in the fields of planning building energy development concepts and feasibility studies for developments to raise renewable capacity and energy efficiency. We provide our services in the best available IT-software environment, in order to make the most accurate estimations for the future investments of our customers. Contents besides the legal obligation that our Energy Efficiency Action Plan service may include, according to Your needs:

  • Energy performance certificate for the current and the planned state of the buildings, which is also a required document for energy tenders
  • Thermographic camera images to evaluate the physical characteristics of the public institution buildings and explore the possible loss points (e.g. non-visible electrical overloads)
  • 3D-modeling and building energy simulation based on real meteorological data, solar PV system energy yield calculation, shadow impact analysis

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3D shadow modelling

  • Online map about energy efficiency data of buildings, where the main information appears in an interactive way

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