Energy Officer

Administration-free comprehensive regulatory compliance

Regulatory obligations place an administrative burden on organisations, and they don't have the necessary specialised expertise

With our simplified and largely automated energy officer service, we can remove the burden of regulatory compliance and its associated administrative burden from large energy users

Administration-free comprehensive regulatory compliance

Energy Officer

Whichever Your sector is, You can easily make benefit from legal obligation, together with Wattmanager Team! Let’s take the first steps together towards a cost-efficient, rationalized and environmentally sustainable energy system!

Energy officer
energy officer


Who is an energy officer? Energy officer contributes to the creating process of company energy policy and energy strategy goals by their suggestions, encouraging such developments which increase renewable capacity and energy efficiency. Developments are based on monthly reported and evaluated valid consumption data.

####Who can be an energy officer? Any natural person can be an energy officer,if they a) have professional education defined by law b) have at least 3 years of professional experience in energy engineering c) have passed the needed exam. The obligated company has to apply an energy officer who is independent from the company in senses of labor and company law.

####When the Agency/Office imposes a fine from? The Agency/Office imposes a fine for missing the obligation for applying an energy officer from the 30th of June, 2017.

####What fine can the Office impose? The County Level Government Office can impose a fine from 200 000 HUF - 2 000 000 HUF on the initiative of the Agency/Office to any business organization obligated to apply an energy officer which doesn’t fulfill the mentioned obligation. The fine can be imposed repeatedly. The repeated fine can be the 150% of the previous amount as a minimum and up to 3 000 000 HUF.

####How can the obligation be justified? Energy officers: -make reports with specified content, in specified regularity for the company; -make monthly reports from the recent activities, energy consumption and its evaluation compared to previous consumption data, investments, developments and other circumstances for the business organization obligated to apply an energy officer; -make a summarizing annual report about energy efficiency developments, applied operational solutions and their saving results based on monthly reports made for the obligated business organization until the 15th of May of the following year. Business organizations obligated to apply an energy officer have to share the annual report on their webpage until the 31th of May.

####What is the fee for applying an energy officer? Applying an energy officer doesn’t have a charge limit defined by law. As nature and complexity of the service can differ from company to company, please ask for a unique price. Charge depends on energy consumption quantity and type, as well as on the number of sites (number of POD-s), it can vary from 20 000 HUF to 200 000 HUF per month.