Energy Performance Certificate

Professional Energy Performance Certification up to, and exceeding, category 'BB'.

When buying or selling a property, an EPC is required by law.

We offer a full-fledged EPC in a quality high above the market average.

Professional Energy Performance Certification up to, and exceeding, category 'BB'.

Energy Performance Certificate

Law, based on Government Decree No. 176/2008 (VI. 30.) makes it mandatory from 2012, by EU recommendation, to issue a certificate which is based on calculations made according to the 7/2006 Decree in case of every building/real estate that does not make an exception, if it is purchased or rent.

Certification process

After ordering the service, the first step is to choose the date and time for the site survey. When the architectural and mechanical condition of the real estate is identified, necessary calculations can be executed based on current regulation in force and the certification can be issued by the engineer with permission from the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.

We send You the certificate by e-mail and post as well, together with the invoice. You can pay it off by transferring the amount of money based on the receipt, or in cash in person.

You can fasten and help our work with the following documents: if there is any technical documentation available (e.g. building section, layout, technical description), please prepare it for the site survey. Moreover Wattmanager Team will need the parcel number of the given building, which can be read from sales contract or ownership documents.

Certification process image
Certification process

Useful information

You do not need Energy Performance Certificate …

  • In case of separate buildings, when useful area is less than 50m2 (Warning! This rule refers only for separate buildings and not for flats with area less than 50m2)
  • When the building is meant to use less than 4 months a year
  • When the building is meant to stand for 2 years as a maximum (temporary buildings)
  • In case of religious buildings (e.g. churches)
  • In case of buildings protected by law (e.g. under monument or other value protection category), or buildings found on territories under architectural value protection
  • In case of agricultural buildings
  • In case of buildings where inside heat gain deriving from technology is more than 20 W/m3 during intended use
  • When the quantity of necessary ventilation is more than 20 during heating season
  • In case of workroom buildings
  • In case of tents and temporary edifices inflated with air

How long is an Energy Performance Certificate valid?

  • An Energy Performance Certificate issued by Wattmanager is valid for 10 years. It loses validity within 10 years only if any structural or mechanical change or modernization is implemented on the building which influences on energy rating (e.g. insulation of walls, window replacement, boiler replacement)

What does site survey involve?

During site survey our engineer colleagues examines the quality and quantity of building structures (exterior walls, ceiling, doors and windows etc.) and the quality of energy equipment (boilers etc.).

What energy efficiency classes exist?

Energy classes image
Energy classes

Every building can be rated between categories AA++ (the best) and JJ (the worst) based on the Government Decree. Older, one-letter categories (from A+ to I) cannot be applied in case of new certification because of the changes occured in law. Older categories do not mean the same as their two-letter version (B is not equal to BB). The given Government Decree became more serious in this regard, requirement of zero energy buildings gives the benchmark. A building rated earlier according to the old system to category B can get to category DD or even EE according to the new Decree.