Meet The Team

Wattmanager Kft. was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing customers with thorough and precise studies and evaluations to aid conscious and cost-effective decisions in the field of energy/environmental sustainability.

Zoltán Baranyák

Zoltán graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in Energy Management. He has over 10 years of experience in leading the evaluation of large renewable energy projects for Hungarian and EU grant subsidy programmes. He has also taken part in the development of urban and city-wide sustainable development strategies.

At Wattmanager, Zoltan leads the technical lead in the design of energy efficiency and high-yield renewable energy systems. Furthermore, he is involved in Wattmanager’s software development project called “Wenerate.” Along with his enthusiasm for reducing his own carbon footprint, he is interested in all forms of environmental sustainability and he derives great pleasure from enjoying weekends with his family.

Norbert Zalai

After graduating from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an Energy Engineer, Norbert specialized in Facility Engineering at Szent István University (MSc).

He has been involved in designing thousands of (smaller and larger) interventions to buildings in relation to energy and energy and sustainability, with Norbert leading these projects in the last few years. He is an expert in buildings and energy regulation and in applying sustainable architectural and mechanical solutions to their problems.

He believes that whether we are making decisions that affect our personal or professional lives, responsible decisions can only be made by co-considering sustainability in the process. His favourite hobby is “parenting” and Norbi is a passionate vegan, gardener and football player.

Márton Havas

Marton specialised in geological and technical aspects of compressed air and power-to-gas energy storage technologies at Eötvös Loránd University, in his Earth Science BSc degree majoring in geophysics. Continuing his studies, he researched the economics of batteries and solar power plants as part of his MSc in Regional and Environmental Economics at the Budapest University of Technology and BME). His qualifications are being further broadened with his part-time doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in transport science at BME.

As a co-founder and a lead energy consultant at Wattmanager, he leads municipal and corporate energy efficiency projects and renewable energy projects. Marton is the CEO of the company’s energy management software division, called Wenerate.

His hobbies are business development and enjoys providing entrepreneurial mentoring to school students and young adults. He also travels to explore new cultures.

András Bánfalvi

András is a Geography graduate of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) specialising in Regional and Urban development, and continued his postgraduate studies (MSc) in Regional and Environmental Economics at Corvinus University.

He has applied knowledge of the Hungarian and regional energy market with having contributed to wind related research projects at REKK, the Regional Central European Energy Research Institute, in addition to undertaking detailed analysis of the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX).

András joined Wattmanager team in the summer of 2018 and is an all-rounder contributor to the team towards - he leads the grant/subsidy management as well as undertakes solar simulations, carbon reduction management studies and designs energy efficiency action plans for municipalities.

The software development project of Wenerate also benefits from the input Andras due to be launched at some point this year. Like others in the Wattmanager team, for András sustainability forms a baseline principal in his daily life choices whether it be personal and professional.

Luca Papp

Luca graduated from ELTE University as a Geographer in Environmental and Landscape Research. Maximally committed to global sustainability, currently she is a master student in Environmental Engineering at Szent István University. She studies corporate sustainability and carbon footprint strategies, as well as ISO systems. She can effectively contribute to Wattmanager’s successful work through her interdisciplinary knowledge.

She joined Wattmanager in February 2019 as an external advisor, and her roles include study writing, participation in SECAPs and Energy Efficiency Action Plans, media content management, but also administrational and organizational tasks.

In everyday life she is a fitness enthusiast and an adventure seeker.

Kornél Topp

He started his studies in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Óbuda University, and later he would like to continue his studies in the field of building engineering and building energy. With his comprehensive technical insight and knowledge of the design software world, he contributes to the development of Wattmanager.

He is the head of the company’s residential energy efficiency loan program and related activities.

A healthy lifestyle has become a part of his life, so he spends most of his free time exercising.

Péter Kovács

He graduated in Physics at the National University of Uzhhorod (BSc), currently he is a student of electrical energy at the University of Óbuda. Along with his university studies, he started to deal with web-focused software development, which has become from a hobby to his biggest strength.

After a number of freelance assignments, he joined Wattmanager in 2018 where he can help the team build a more sustainable future thanks to his studies and professional experience.

He is the development and technology manager for the company’s energy management software, Wenerate.

Judit Szuromi

With cutting down buildings power consumption and feasibility studies I help your company to be cost-efficient.

Zalán Tas Zsiborás

Zalán currently studies energy engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). He also regularly reads books and completes online courses to broaden his general interest in energy and sustainability. He is also an enthusiastic member of the Hungarian Energy Association.

He supports the Wattmanager team with creating specialized simulation/modelling and automation with databases and mathematical software.

He believes in the need for a sustainable future and consideres the transformation of the energy industry inevitable.