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District 18 - Sustainable Residental Development

Our client wanted to develop Budapest’s most innovative and environmentally friendly medium-density residential development. Wattmanager was given the opportunity to design this development in Budapest’s 18th district. We undertook a complex simulation that included the design of solar generation (analysis of three roof types for optimised solar production) and analysis of the building structure for optimised energy efficient heating-ventilation and cooling

Hungary - Budapest

Shopping Center in Bratislava, Slovakia

Improving the environmental situation in the world, reducing the harmful effects of humanity on the environment - the primary task of our company. Irrational use of energy that is produced by thermal power plants are components that leads to environmental pollution and depletion of resources. Shop…

Shopping Center in Budaors, Hungary

The Wattmanager team provided environmental assessment of the Shopping Center in Budaors. The project sought to develop the modernisation plan of the building for transforming it to investment attractive passive object. The passive building does not consume the energy from the central network, while…

Storage Facility in Budaors, Hungary

The Wattmanager group received a request to develop methods for reducing the operational costs of the building. The team made a complex investigation of the buildings with the corresponding territory. The scope of work at the next steps included elaboration of energy simulation based on real…

Shopping Mall in Martin, Slovakia

The Wattmanager team elaborated the project for sustainable development of Tulip Center shopping facility. The aim of the work was reduction of energy uses, transforming electricity design of the building to Low or Zero Carbon energy supply system, which is the core value of sustainable energy…

Complex Energy Simulation - Middle East

Wattmanager team developed complex energy simulation of the private house in Israel in view of climate conditions. The aim of the work is the improvement of building energy performance by transformation to the innovative, cost effective sustainable building. The assessment reflects the economic…


South Africa - Securing Power with Solar

An international property developer faced challenges in its prestigious project outside of Pretoria, South Africa. Despite a prime location, excellent land preparation and strong demand from investors, the chronic power supply issues from Eskom (national power utility) result in ongoing blackouts to the estate. This interrupts quality of life and the ability to ensure security within the estate.

South Africa

Duna-Asphalt (5 sites)

Wattmanager Team made a technical feasibility study for a few sites of Duna-Asphalt Ltd, titled ‘Preparation of Accession Plan for Small Plants’. Solar simulations were made for 5 sites: Szentes, Tiszakécske, Orosháza, Békéscsaba, Szeged. Wattmanager Team made the appropriate site survey at every…


Duna Aszfalt - Technical and Financial Feasibility

Wattmanager was commissioned to undertake a technical feasibility study for several Duna-Aszfalt sites where the company planned solar generation units. Solar simulations were made for five sites across Hungary. Wattmanager’s analysis included several alternative options including South and East-West orientation systems, with and without bifacial solar panels, and also calculated the frame size and the number of solar panels to create the most optimised solutions.



Haller Residential Park - Gateway Between Sustainable and Conventional Living

The Haller Development is a gateway between sustainable and conventional living in Budapest. Working closely together with our Partner, we realised there is only one way in real estate for the future and it is through green innovation. The project will cut the utility usage and costs on a 5 unit residential building using a 50 kW rooftop solar PV system.

Hungary - Budapest


Israel Passive House - Possibilites of Energy Independece

Wattmanager team developed a complex energy simulation of a private house in Israel in view of climate conditions. The aim of the work is the improvement of building energy performance by transformation to the innovative, cost effective sustainable building. The assessment reflects the economic, environmental and cultural values of the building taking into account the needs and well-being of the occupants. The key areas of the building sustainability has been evaluated in accordance with BREEAM world leading certification system.



Hungary and Slovakia - Solar Feasibility Study

A commercial and industrial property developer commissioned Wattmanager to test the feasibility of solar generation across four sites and 11 buildings in Hungary and Slovakia. The buildings included shopping centres, office buildings and factories. Further to feasibility, we undertook the design and procurement of the selected contractor. This involved a complex tender process with tender documentation, interviews and guiding contract negotiations between the preferred bidder and the property developer. The estimated payback for each project varies between 6-10 years.

Hungary & Slovakia

Pápa Waterworks

Our main goal, mission and profession - beyond compliance with the law - is providing a service for corporations which creates real added value. This value can manifest itself in energy savings or in environmental responsibility. During Pápa Waterworks project our task was to prepare the tender…


Passive Condominium - Dynamic Simulation as Certification Obligation

Our team was responsible for providing an energy performance certificate for a recently built condominium which passes requirements of a passive house. To issue an energy certificate, we examine the quality and quantity of building structures (exterior walls, ceiling, doors and windows etc.) and the quality of energy equipment. According to the current regulation it is necessary to prove the results by dynamic simulation or detailed static calculation. We chose the first method and issued AA++ (the best) certificate.

Hungary - Budapest


Postal Palace - Supporting BREEAM Compliance

The Postal Palace, built in 1924 which included the first Hungarian elevator, was first restored after World War II. Now, the owners of the building wish to attain BREEAM accreditation which was the basis for engaging Wattmanager. We were engaged to evaluate the existing design and sustainability interventions to ensure the building achieves its BREEAM certification.

Hungary - Budapest


RiverPark Office - Sustainable Workplace Development

The operator of RiverPark office is one of today’s many who has the urge to find sustainable rebuilding possibilities. They hired our team to create the Energetic Certificate on the current condition of the building. That required us to run dynamic simulation in order to provide accurate comparison between current energetic solutions and possible sustainable development.

Hungary - Budapest

World Widelife Fund

Wattmanager’s task for Spring 2019 was to measure the ecological footprint of Budapest Bank, client of WWF Hungary and to make recommendations to reduce it. The measurement was applied for Budapest central office, Békéscsaba central office and 3 other offices of the branch network. It included the…

Restaurant in Lajosmizse, Hungary

The installation of solar panels has two purposes: Reduction of ecological footprint for peaceful co-development of infrastructure with the environment. Decreasing the utility costs, with the maintenance of operational functions. The purpose of the project was evaluation the validity of panels…